The trainers on this list signed the position paper and work fully according to the code of conduct of the initiative for force-free dog training (otherwise an entry will be deleted).

4000 Plovdiv: Diary of a good owner, Kristiana Amirova, +359890101643, kristiana.amirova@gmail.com, https://payhip.com/dnevnik

Qualifications, Titles, Educations: PhD in Biotechnology (in progress), Masters in Molecular biology and Biotechnology, Bechalorete in Molecular biology

Offer/courses: Several courses include: Feline behaviour and psychology diploma, Centre of excellence; Dog training diploma, Centre of excellence; Dog emotion and cognition, Duke university/coursera; Animal behaviour and welfare, The university of Edinburg/coursera; member of The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour; 

Applying for IAABC-dog behaviour consultant