Videolinks - examples of aversive training

For your information : These video links are taken from websites available for public viewing. The Initiative for Force-free Dog Training can not be held responsible for their content.
Our intention is not to point the finger at individual trainers, but rather to educate dog owners to recognise that, these practices are experienced by dogs as violence and force.
Please never allow a trainer to hit, intimidate, lead-jerk or choke your dog, or use any similar methods!! You can find information on force-free dog training here.


Kicking in the sensitive groin area, choke collar, prong collar

Prong collar. Each metal link has two prongs which bore in to the dog’s neck. The dog is even held up in the air by it.

Threatening a stressed and frightened dog till he bites.

A Swiss dog trainer – Prong collar, intimidation and turning the dog on its back

Overwhelming a dog with a frightening stimulus (fire cracker) and punishing him simultaneously (lead jerk and intimidation), particularly from 01:30

German dog “whisperer" threatens a fearful dog.

 Using an electric shock collar.

The choke ‘Illusion/Pack Leader Collar’ on the most sensitive part of the neck:

Choking until near suffocation and learned helplessness in a dog showing fear aggression

Dog trainer endangers pigs during dog training session, then punishes the dog for the training failure.

A choke collar is used, the dog is provoked, then strangled.

 Psychological pressure and physical force till the dog gives up: ‘learned helplessness’.



A reportage on American television

 Choking a fearful dog

 A German dog trainer and author (with jacket)


Dog Daddy's methods exposed