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With clicking on the following links, you find competent information about training (articles, videos, online training and more). Further below you can see some example of training videos. Visit also our recommandations about books. If you need help from a dog trainer, always consider our code of conduct and see our dog trainerlist.

Website of Dr. Susan Friedmann

Examples of Videos about Puppy Training

Get DVD, or Stream of Puppy Culture

Basic Training

Recall Training

How to stop unwanted behavior - the positive interrupter signal

How to train your dog not to pull

How to stop your dogjumping up

Videos about common behavioral Problems

General Information about Desensitisation and Counterconditioning

Look at that Game for reactive dogs

Chasing skateboards

Attacking the vacuum cleaner

Help your dog to overcome his fears

Leave it - without intimidation

Engage-Disengage Game for reactive dogs

Barking at the fence

Barking at the door bell

Stop barking on a walk

Home alone, if your dog has an issue, please get help, eg. here

Examples of Behavioral Training (if your dog has an Issue, Get Help (see Trainers)

Ressource Guarding - food aggression

Ressource Guarding - food aggression

BAckground Information about Training

Dr. Susan Friedman about Behavior

Victoria Stillwell about positive vs. punitive trining

Experts about aversive dog training

A great speech about Animal Training by Chirag Patel

A great documentary about dog training

Noa Szefler: What every person can learn from dog training