The trainers on this list signed the position paper and work fully according to the code of conduct of the initiative for force-free dog training (otherwise an entry will be deleted).

55120 Ecatepec de Morelos: Mentes Perronas, Garduño, Francisco, +5580339501,,

Qualifications, Titles, Educations: All the qualifications and courses came from the Universidad Veracruzana in training based on neurosciences and respectful training, behavior modification and ethology basis for dog training.

Offer/courses: Behavioral modification for dogs, Gentle and respectful training, Nose work for behavior improvement



56077 Col. Santiago: R Positivo, Herrera Santos, Pablo Alberto, +525534156921,,

Qualifications, Titles, Educations: many diplomas over last 13 years, eg. postgraduate program optional courses in neuroethology at Universidad Veracruzana, completed courses instructed by Amber Batson and Anne Lill Kvam, currently enrolled in IDTE (International Dog Trainer Education), and Advanced Animal Training course. Certified as dog trainer, handler, groomer and vet helper by Mexico's Government

Offer/courses: Artificial Intellingence for Dog Owners and Trainers, Introduction to Diagnostic Tools for Intervention in Dog Behavior Problems, Dog Trainer Certification (Mexico's Government)