The trainers on this list signed the position paper and work fully according to the code of conduct of the initiative for force-free dog training (otherwise an entry will be deleted).

32-045 Sułoszowa: Hau Do You Feel? Madej-Kaczorowska, Beata, +48 505 022 255, haudoyoufeel@gmail.com, https://haudoyoufeel.pl/

Qualifications, Titles, Educations: Dog trainer certified by the Polish Ministry of Education. Animal behavior consultant. Specialized certificate in canine behavioral medicine. Certified Predation Substitute Training Instructor. Certificate in First Aid for dogs. During continuous education, including at the Nordic Education Center for Ethical Dog Training, Grisha Stweart Academy, Canine Principles

Offer/courses: Predation Substitute Training. Behavioral therapy for dogs with anxiety disorders. Canine behavioral medicine. Reactive dogs. HPR breeds.